is DIALOGUE’s project with a main objective of raising the awareness of the Macedonian citizen about the problem with the mass emigration from the country.

The specific objective of the project is increasing civic participation in R.N. Macedonia as a means of reducing emigration and faster European integration.

The project will be implemented between August and December 2020 and the envisaged activities are:

  1. A survey inquiring the opinion of the emigrants on the problem of mass emigration (survey and a final study).
  2. Seminar(s) on “Ways for citizen involvement in creating public policies at the local level.”
  3. Campaign on the importance of civic participation in creating public policies to reduce mass emigration and accelerate European integration through preparation and setting up of an art exhibition on the territory of the Municipality of Prilep by the artist Marija Koneska, MA, and by publishing weekly infographics with research results.
  4. Representation and advocacy of the findings and recommendations before government institutions and political parties.

The project is funded by CIVICA MOBILITAS program for small grants.