Vision, Mission, Objectives


DIALOGUE’s vision for Macedonia is to see its citizens as active players in the deliberative democratic processes.

DIALOGUE shall focus on research and analysis, contribution in the processes of policy making, education for promotion and development of the deliberative culture, and lobbing and advocacy of the values of the deliberative democracy. 

These methods shall be upgraded continuously through collaboration and networking with governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations which share the same values and goals. 

Main research fields are:

– Deliberative democracy
– Rule of Law
– Elections and political parties
– Civil Society
– The influence of the traditional and new media on the development of the deliberative democracy in Macedonia
– Discrimination and marginalized groups
– Inter-ethnic cohabitation in Macedonia, with a special accent on the inclusiveness of the non-majority minorities
– Gender equality
– Social justice
– European Union and Euro-Atlantic integrations.