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DIALOGUE – Center for Deliberative Democracy (CDDD) is a non-profit organization, established for the purpose of strengthening of the democratic processes and the dialogue in various social spheres, improving of the human rights and promotion of the deliberative democracy in Republic of Macedonia

DIALOGUE defines deliberative democracy as a combination of representative and direct democracy which uses authentic deliberation in the public policies and decides by using both elements of consensual decision making and the majority principle.

DIALOGUE shall focus on research and analysis, promotion of the research for the purpose of contributing in the process of policy making, education for promotion and development of the deliberative culture, and lobbing and advocacy of the values of the deliberative democracy.

These methods shall be upgraded continuously through collaboration and networking with governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental bodies which share the same values and goals.

Main research fields are:

  • Deliberative democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Elections and political parties
  • Civil Society
  • The influence of the traditional and new media on the development of the deliberative democracy in Macedonia
  • Discrimination and marginalized groups
  • Inter-ethnic cohabitation in Macedonia, with a special accent on the inclusiveness of the non-majority minorities
  • Gender equality
  • Social justice
  • European Union and Euro-Atlantic integrations.

The rule of law- encompasses research and analysis on the functional democratic institutions, division of power, data and evidence-based public policies making, delegation of power at local level, the level of discussion and cooperation between institutions in the political system.

Analysis of electoral processes, democratic inter-party capacity, monitoring of electoral process.

Research and analysis of the political culture, analysis of the role of the civil sector in the political processes, the capacities of the civil society organizations and movements, civil sector inclusion in the public debate and policy making.

Determining of the level of independence and freedom of media, as well as the level of freedom of speech and hate speech, through respective analysis and research.

Analysis of the situation regarding fundamental human and minority rights and freedoms.

With respect to multiethnic cohabitation, analysis of the inter-ethnic co-existence and cohabitation, with a particular attention to the smaller ethnic communities.

Research of gender issues, the status of women and policy making for improving gender equality, and women participation in political and social life.

Analysis of the situation of the economic inequality and improvement of the social and workers’ rights with the goal of increasing the social trust and quality of life.

Determining of the level of Europeanization in line with the basic criteria for membership in the European Union. Analysis of the level of harmonization of the Macedonian with the legislation of the EU and the process of its implementation.

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