Database from the field surveys conducted during “The Colorful Revolution” in Skopje and Prilep


The database from the field survey conducted during the demonstrations “The Colorful Revolution” (in May 2016) is an original work of Dr. Jasmina Trajkoska and Dr. Josipa Rizankoska, in the capacities of the association DIALOGUE – Center for Deliberative Democracy – Prilep.

The research aim of the survey is to analyze the structure of this social movement from within, protesters’ expectations and claims from the government and the trust in the credibility of the four parties signing the Przino Agreement; moreover it aims to assess the capacities of the movement to serve as an example of civic participation in Macedonia distanced from pure party mobilization. The survey is also conducted with the goal of contributing to those studies which are based on empirical findings and research the individual level of socialization, structural availability and cognitive frames inside the social movements.

The survey was conducted in the period between 17 and 23 May 2016 in the Capital of Skopje and the town Prilep. It comprehends the opinions of 567 protesters/respondents, 426 of whom polled in Skopje and 141 in Prilep.


Database (.xlsx)