Field survey among the protesters in the initiative ‘For a Shared Macedonia’ in Prilep


A survey was conducted in the period between 12 and 27 April 2017
in Prilep, on a total of 89 respondents, coming from the protesters within the initiative ‘For a
Shared Macedonia’. The lead researchers were Josipa Rizankoska and Jasmina Trajkoska.
The goal of the research was to analyze the structure of the civil movement from the inside, to
see what are protesters’ main expectations and demands from the government, to assess the
capacity of the very movement as a case of civil participation in Macedonia and to compare it
with other previous protests.
The selection of the respondents was random. The polling was done in front of Hotel ‘Lipa’, the
meeting point of the initiative.

1. Published paper on a comparative case study on Prilep. (see ‘Library/Publications’ section on
our web page)
2. Database and codebook available for replication (see ‘Library/Databases’ section on our web