Trajkoska, J and Rizankoska J. (2015), “The EU as a factor of stability and a promoter of good interethnic relations in Macedonia.” International Yearbook. Faculty of Security, University of Kliment Ohridski. 2015/1 pp. 133-144 (UDK:323.1:341.171.071.51(4-672ЕY:497.7))

The respect of the human and minority rights is one of the EU Criteria for Membership in the Union. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of the EU criteria and standards for the candidate countries have been criticized for the lack of consistent application across countries and lack of transparency in the European Commission monitoring. The main research questions of this paper are: What is the role of the EU in promoting security, stability and good inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia? Is the EU a conciliator or an instigator of the interethnic radical rhetoric within the Macedonian party politics? This is a qualitative case study analysis of Macedonia conducted in the period of October-November 2014. We argue that party elites in Macedonia see the EU as a conciliator between the ethnic groups in Macedonia. The smaller communities, nevertheless, would feel neglected by the EU if compared with the second largest ethnic group in Macedonia.